Personal Styling: Look Great, Feel Confident

Bored of wearing the same colours and styles? Learn how to revitalise your look and create a versatile wardrobe perfect for you – so you look and feel your best every day.

Bored of wearing the same colours and styles? Learn how to revitalise your look and create a versatile wardrobe perfect for you – so you look and feel your best every day.



Practical and Affordable Personal Styling Service

for Men and Women with real lives


Price: £210 (2.5hrs/Men); from £255 (3hrs/Women)

Location: London; Kingston; South East


Apply the principles of clever dressing to immediately transform your appearance and boost your self-esteem. Discover clever tips and techniques that will ensure you know what colours and styles suit your body shape, colouring and personality – so you look great and feel confident every day.

  • Convenient daytime and evening appointment slots available 7 days a week
  • Professionally trained and highly skilled Personal Stylist and Colour Analysis Expert, specialising in modern everyday style
  • Over 10 year’s experience and 1,000 clients
  • Friendly, honest, down-to-earth approach that’s dedicated to you.


Sound familiar to you?


Fed up with always playing it safe with neutrals and dark colours rather than trying something new, as you fear getting it wrong? Or perhaps as you’ve got older, your colouring has changed and you’re aware you can’t get away with certain colours anymore – maybe some make you look tired, washed-out and drab?

Your body shape isn’t like it use to be and you’re conscious of looking age appropriate, whilst still looking fashionable and interesting (but not ridiculous). Styles you used to get away with don’t suit you anymore, or you’ve lost the confidence to wear them as you don’t feel you look as good. As a result, you tend to opt for a version of something you have already.

Do you get up in the morning and stand in front of your wardrobe for ages wondering what to wear? Do you feel like you live in the same few things – jeans, similar looking tops with a scarf? In reality, you wear five or six outfits on rotation.

You have a wardrobe bulging with clothes that you hardly ever wear. Clothes that used to fit you (and hope will again), formal work clothes you no longer wear and items you’re holding on to for when they come back in fashion. Plus, things you’ve bought that look nice but you’re not sure what to put them with.

If you relate to any of these feelings and experiences we can help take away your confusion and uncertainty, so getting dressed and buying clothes is no longer a frustrating hit and miss exercise.


How we'll help you

I asked a lot of questions and Laura dealt with them so patiently. I really wanted to learn the 'why' as much as the 'what' so that I could go out and buy great outfits myself. I never thought I would love clothes shopping but I do!


How we'll help you


  • Look and feel your absolute best

    Our creative and inspirational Colour Analysis, customised to your taste and requirements, will ensure you know what shades really suit your colouring and how to use colour in a way that complements your personal style.

  • Be comfortable with your look and avoid expensive mistakes

    Thanks to our practical and straightforward Style Analysis, tailored for you and your lifestyle, you’ll be equipped with a set of principles to master dressing to flatter your shape, whilst being true to your self.

  • Maximise your wardrobe and enjoy being more adventurous

    Our commitment to ensure you know how to utilise all aspects of personal styling to your full advantage, offering you a fresh perspective and encouragement, you’ll discover new ways to pull together and accessorise colourful, stylish outfits.

  • For an easier life – save your time and energy getting dressed

    Our enlightening and cathartic Wardrobe Analysis will provide expert knowledge and insight to help you create a streamlined, colourful wardrobe you can mix and match easily.

  • Take control and boost your confidence

    Owing to our practical and entirely personalised approach, you’ll not only learn what and how-to but most importantly understand why certain colours and styles are right for you so you can finally feel confident buying, piecing together and wearing clothes.

Let's get started!

Want to jump-start your personal style? Take your wardrobe (and yourself) in-hand? Find out how we can help you.


Choose what works for you

Personal Styling
- Essential -

/ 3 hours (WOMEN)
/ 2.5 hours (MEN)
Colour Analysis
Style Analysis

Personal Styling
- Ultimate -

/ 6 hours (WOMEN)
Colour Analysis
Style Analysis
Wardrobe Analysis


Those wanting to learn for themselves what to wear and how, so you can replicate success and avoid expensive mistakes.

Tailored for you, whether you need:

  • To edit/update your wardrobe and ensure you spend wisely (Ultimate package only)
  • To spend less time and energy working out what to wear and buy
  • To overcome any particular challenges you have finding clothes to fit and flatter
  • To boost your self-esteem by knowing how to look (and feel) your best


London and the South East


Your personalised experience will include:

After Image of Personal Style Makeover Female Client Beth
Caboodle Style helped me achieve so much more than I'd expected. I've never really thought about a signature style before but I've now discovered a look that truly reflects my personality.


Your personalised experience will include:


  • FREE No-Obligation Consultation

    After initially completing our online questionnaire you’ll be invited to have a phone or email consultation, to help identify and draw out your personal needs, challenges and goals. This will provide the basis for your customised personal styling experience, ensuring the service is crafted to best fulfil your needs.

  • Colour Analysis + FREE Personalised Colour Swatch

    On the day, in your session, we’ll initially assess your natural colouring and identify your optimal colour palette comprising the shades right for your colouring, persona and lifestyle. We’ll then demonstrate inspirational colour combinations and interesting new ways you could wear your palette as well as incorporate them in your wardrobe, providing you with the basis for looking your absolute best.

  • Style Analysis | Part 1: Body Shape

    Shifting the focus of your session, we’ll determine your key body shape proportions and clarify what you want to achieve when pulling together an outfit, before showing the illusionary effects of clothing and accessories as well as how you can use them to your advantage, enabling you to enhance your best assets and disguise anything else.

  • Style Analysis | Part 2: Fashion Identity

    Leading on to the next aspect of your Style Analysis, we’ll identify the look that reflects your personality and instils confidence. We’ll then show you how to achieve your signature style in a way that suits your colouring, shape and lifestyle, enabling you to achieve a wardrobe only filled with items you truly love wearing time and again.

  • Wardrobe Analysis + Your Strategic Shopping List

    In this final step to improving your personal style, we’ll review your wardrobe by identifying those items you got right, those that aren’t quite perfect but potentially wearable and those items you may want to let go. We’ll then assemble outfits and inspire you to mix and match your existing clothes and utilise accessories differently, as well as identify key missing items, equipping you with your strategic shopping list whilst laying the foundations for an organised wardrobe filled only with items you love to wear.

  • Your Personal Style Prescription

    Following your appointment, you’ll receive an overview of your experience including your personal style profile, photos taken to remind you how outfits were styled, a log of what you need to buy, a shopable-list of any specific items identified in the session plus shops and brands we recommend for you – equipping you with all the key principles of clever dressing.

Let's get started!

Want to jump-start your personal style? Take your wardrobe (and yourself) in-hand? Find out how we can help you.

How it works in 3 simple steps


Getting to know you

Whatever your motivations, we’ll gain a deep understanding of you and your unique wants, needs and preferences so that a truly individual experience can be crafted for you.


Careful appraisal

Every element of your personal style, and where appropriate, your wardrobe will be considered for a thorough understanding of where you are right now.


You take control!

Your personal stylist will expertly apply their insight and knowledge to translate what you’ve learned together in your session into a highly individualised style prescription, ensuring you shop smartly in the future.


Let me, Laura Robinson, talk you through the carefully tailored approach that sets Caboodle Style apart and has resulted in so many happy customers over the last 11 years.

Why choose Caboodle Style



My money-back guarantee ensures this important decision is risk-free, giving you peace of mind when you book your session with me.

Expertise and experience

Expertise and experience

Since 2007 over 1,000 clients have benefited from my artistic flair and perceptiveness, integral to my independent and unbiased services. Professionally trained, I’m a highly skilled Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper plus Colour Analysis Expert.

A perfect fit

A perfect fit

It's not just the outcome that matters but the experience too, so I work hard to ensure the service is not only right for you but also friendly, supportive, relaxed and enjoyable.


Get in touch!

Whatever your reasons and desired outcome, you'll want a tailor-made service that takes care of your individual needs. Share your personal situation and find out how we can best help you.

I am…

Why we do what we do

I’m buying smarter now when I shop and my wardrobe is more versatile with all the colours working together. I’ve had so many compliments - even from strangers!
Liz, Esher
Image of Personal Shopping Male Client with Testimonial Quote
I've really got my own look now and get loads of compliments from my friends and strangers...I know what I should be looking for which makes shopping for clothes much quicker and easier.
Gavin, Islington
I really felt I’d lost my fashion identity. Caboodle Style has restored my confidence in my own style and I can put together outfits so much more easily.
Jemma, Clapham
The result has been transformational. People immediately complimented “my” choices, saying how I looked slimmer and how “that colour looks really good on you” – a first!
Mike, Crystal Palace
I learnt so many smart ways to pull together outfits. I’ve now reviewed my current wardrobe and am shopping with purpose and knowledge to fill in the gaps!
Sarah, Fulham
Laura not only knows her stuff, but has a lovely warm manner. She took time to really understand my needs and ‘got me’ when it came to my style personality.
Nick, Clapham
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