Personal Shopping: Find Outfits You Love

Tired of traipsing the high street with little to show for it? Learn to shop efficiently and effectively for you and your lifestyle, even if you hate shopping - so you go home with items you love and wear.

Tired of traipsing the high street with little to show for it? Learn to shop efficiently and effectively for you and your lifestyle, even if you hate shopping - so you go home with items you love and wear.



Practical and Affordable Personal Shopping Service

for Men and Women with real budgets


Price: £255 (3hrs); £459 (6hrs)

Location: London; Kingston; South East


Apply the principles of smart shopping to save you time, money and energy. Discover the shops that serve your personal style and budget best whilst being encouraged to step out of your buying comfort zone – soon you’ll become adept at finding what you’re looking for and make expensive shopping mistakes a thing of the past.

  • Convenient daytime and evening appointment slots available 7 days a week
  • Professionally trained and highly skilled Personal Stylist and Colour Analysis Expert, specialising in modern everyday style
  • Over 10 year’s experience and 1,000 clients
  • Friendly, honest, down-to-earth approach that’s dedicated to you
  • Entirely independent, with no commission earned from brands, offering unbiased expert advice without any obligation for you to buy.


Sound familiar to you?

Do you feel demoralised and massively frustrated by how much time and energy you waste taking countless pieces into the changing room, only to find one that fits and flatters (if you’re lucky)? Even if you know exactly what you want, the fact you can’t just walk in and buy it makes it a boring, tedious chore that takes too long!

Has your body shape changed, your confidence taken a knock and you’re at a loss when you go shopping these days as you don’t have a clue anymore about what suits you and where to buy clothes?

Is finding time for yourself tough? Shopping trips are always rushed so you don’t get any time to browse the shops or keep up to date with fashion and, often out of desperation, you make impulse buys that you don’t then wear and later regret.

If you relate to any of these feelings and experiences we can help you put your usual shopping habits behind you.



How we'll help you

I felt I'd lost any fashion sense I had and was incredibly bored of what I was wearing, in so far as I just felt that I'd buy the same things all the time. Laura immediately got me and picked out things that I'd never have tried if shopping alone.


How we'll help you


  • Save your time and energy when shopping for yourself

    Our extensive knowledge of the high-street means you will discover the shops and brands that suit you, your lifestyle and budget.

  • Avoid wasting your money and start buying smarter

    Our practical in-session advice and expert tips on the shop floor, following a colour and style indication for all new clients, will ensure you understand what colours and styles are best for you.

  • Build positive body confidence and raise your self-esteem

    Our objective, professional opinion guiding you on each purchase will guarantee you go home with clothes you feel confident, comfortable and happy wearing.

  • Achieve the look you want and present the best version of yourself

    Our creative ability and visualisation skills coupled with trend awareness will inspire and encourage you to update your look by trying new styles and wearing clothes differently.

  • Enjoy getting compliments from your friends and strangers

    Our honest and entirely unbiased professional advice, will ensure you find the most suitable and desirable pieces available on the high-street for you, at the best possible price.


Let’s get started!

Want to jump-start your personal style? Transform your wardrobe? Make the most of your time and budget? Find out how we can help you.


Choose what works for you

Personal Shopping
- Half Day -

Pre Shop
Colour & Style Indication
Personal Shopping Report

Personal Shopping
- Full Day -

Pre Shop
Colour & Style Indication
Light Lunch & Refreshments
Personal Shopping Report


Those who want ready-to-wear outfits for now and confidence to shop for themselves in the future.

Tailored for you, whether you need:

  • An outfit for a special occasion
  • An updated professional and/or social wardrobe
  • Help dressing for a particular season, be it your summer, winter or that tricky trans-seasonal wardrobe
  • To evolve your look to suit your age and lifestyle (Full Day recommended)


London and the South East, typically:

  • Kingston upon Thames
  • West End London (Oxford Street, Regent Street W1)
  • Westfield London (Shepherds Bush)
  • Westfield Stratford City


Your personalised experience will include:

Image of Personal Shopping Male Client with Testimonial Quote
I was impressed with how quickly Laura went round the shop floor selecting things. I couldn’t believe how she chose so many items that I loved when I tried them on but had been quite unconvinced about before. As much as I love blue, it was great to add a few other colours into the mix along with more colourful blues. Laura’s advice when trying on items was so valuable, particularly as I’m often unsure about which sizes fit me best and I really like how I’m now stocked up for the winter after just one shop. Plus she had some tasty snacks to keep us going!


Your personalised experience will include:


  • FREE No-Obligation Consultation

    After initially completing our online questionnaire you’ll be invited to have a phone or email consultation, to help identify and draw out your personal needs, challenges and goals. This will provide the basis for your customised personal shopping experience, ensuring the service is crafted to best fulfil your needs.

  • Customised Style Mood Board

    We’ll curate an online mood board (using Pinterest) of your personal taste and fashion preferences to quickly and effectively bring your desired personal style to life, which can often be hard to put into words, giving us a clear perspective so that our time together is focused.

  • Pre Planned Shopping Route

    We’ll mutually agree a shopping location and your personalised itinerary, ensuring we make the most of our time together whilst always working within your budget. Being independent means we can visit the best shops the high-street has to offer for you, with no obligation to buy anything. If appropriate, we can book exclusive use of a personal shopping suite to make your session even more relaxed and enjoyable.

  • Pre Shop

    Ahead of your session, we’ll scout out potential items from various shops and brands. On the day key pieces can be pre-selected, so they’re ready for you to try on immediately, or we can peruse the shops together. Jointly we’ll decide the approach that is right for you, so that we utilise your time most effectively and make your experience as stress-free as possible.

  • Colour & Style Indication + FREE Pocket-Sized Colour Swatch

    On the day itself, we’ll initially assess your natural colouring and body shape so we can quickly identify colours and styles on the shop floor that will suit and flatter you best, enabling a more productive shopping session.

  • One-to-One Shopping

    Throughout the session you’ll develop your ability to recognise the most flattering colours and styles for you, along with versatile pieces that are realistic for your lifestyle so that you can shop more efficiently and effectively for yourself in the future. You’ll also be encouraged to try on new and different items, that if shopping alone you may well have left on the rail.

  • Practical Try On

    Once in the fitting room, we’ll assemble outfits so that you can see how to wear the items and assess the true merits of each selected piece. We’ll demonstrate how you can create multiple outfit combinations and finish them with shoes and accessories. As you try on, we’ll attentively guide you – with honest, constructive advice – on the right colour, size, fit and styles for you so you can rest assured you’ll only buy what you’ll get the most pleasure and wear out of and avoid any expensive mistakes.

  • Personal Shopping Report

    Following your appointment, you’ll receive an overview of your experience including your personal style profile, photos taken to remind you how outfits were styled, a log of what you purchased, a shopable-list of those items yet to be bought plus shops and brands we recommend for you. We’ll also send you a guide on how to become a better shopper, equipping you with the key principles of smart shopping.

Let's get started!

Want to jump-start your personal style? Transform your wardrobe? Make the most of your time and budget? Find out how we can help you.

How it works in 3 simple steps


Getting to know you

Whatever your motivations, we’ll gain a deep understanding of you and your unique wants, needs and preferences so that a truly individual experience can be crafted for you.


Careful preparations

Every detail of your appointment (time, location, and when necessary items pre-selected and reserved) so your time and energy is maximised.


We shop!

Your personal shopper will expertly navigate the high street with you, efficiently and effectively filter and select from the shop floor, guiding you through new styles and trends. You try on and buy as much or as little as you like, at your pace – no pressure. It’s that simple.


Let me, Laura Robinson, talk you through the carefully tailored approach that sets Caboodle Style apart and has resulted in so many happy customers over the last 11 years.

Why choose Caboodle Style



My money-back guarantee ensures this important decision is risk-free, giving you peace of mind when you book your session with me.

Expertise and experience

Expertise and experience

Since 2007 over 1,000 clients have benefited from my artistic flair and perceptiveness, integral to my independent and unbiased services. Professionally trained, I’m a highly skilled Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper plus Colour Analysis Expert.

A perfect fit

A perfect fit

It's not just the outcome that matters but the experience too, so I work hard to ensure the service is not only right for you but also friendly, supportive, relaxed and enjoyable.


Get in touch!

Whatever your reasons and desired outcome, you'll want a tailor-made service that takes care of your individual needs. Share your personal situation and find out how we can best help you.

I am…

Why we do what we do

Image of Personal Styling Male Client Styled by Caboodle Style
What an impact you’ve made! You got what would work for both my body shape and personality, and we bought some great items I’d never have chosen before. Thank you.
John Paul, Esher
After Image of Personal Style Makeover Female Client Beth
You have an amazing talent for picking out clothes that flatter me and are in 'my style' (which is something I've struggled to work out for myself). An enjoyable day too - highly recommended.
Beth, Limehouse
The result has been transformational. People immediately complimented “my” choices, saying how I looked slimmer and how “that colour looks really good on you” – a first!
Mike, Crystal Palace
I learnt so many smart ways to pull together outfits. I’ve now reviewed my current wardrobe and am shopping with purpose and knowledge to fill in the gaps!
Sarah, Fulham
Such a professional and personalised service. Shopping was so frustrating before but you've given me the confidence to make my own decisions.
Graham, Surrey
Laura's warm and personable manner instantly put me at ease and any doubts and preconceptions that I had about personal styling and stylists were banished. 
Mel, Brixton
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