What Can Personal Styling Do For You?

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Getting dressed in the morning is now so easy, as I have all the things I need to pull together outfits that are just perfect for me.

Do you have an outfit you really enjoy wearing and wish you could recreate this feeling with all your wardrobe, everyday?

This is exactly what our personal styling service can do for you. Whether you’re interested in fashion or not, this is your fast-track to finding out what to wear and how to wear it, so you can love what you’re wearing everyday.



The 3 Key Stages

As a highly personalised face-to-face service, you can expect your personal styling session to be tailored entirely to suit your needs. Whatever your motivation, you’ll be taken through this simple yet comprehensive process comprising three key stages in a way that makes sense for you.


Colour Analysis

The basis for looking your absolute best is colour – by simply wearing colours that complement your features, you can instantly enhance your natural looks; appearing younger, healthier and perfectly contoured.

  • Assess how colours effect your features to discover those that look good on you and why
  • Define your optimal colour palette comprising the shades right for your colouring, persona and lifestyle
  • Discover interesting colour combinations and simple ways for you to coordinate them in outfits
  • Experiment with new ways to wear colour and learn how you can instantly lift your wardrobe

Style Analysis

You can immediately change the appearance of your shape simply by creating an illusion with your clothes; enhancing your best assets and disguising anything else.

  • Assess your entire body shape to decipher what you want to achieve when pulling together an outfit
  • Discover the illusionary effects of clothes and accessories, and how you can use them to your advantage
  • Go through, by garment type, the detailing you ideally want each item to have


Developing a signature style that will last for years, rather than just one season, is fundamental to achieving a wardrobe full of items you truly love wearing time and again.

  • Identify a look that reflects your personality and will give you confidence
  • Learn how to achieve your signature style in a way that suits your colouring, shape and lifestyle
  • Discover ways you can adapt your look for comfort and practicality, whilst maintaining a style that’s all yours
  • Realise the key items that will be the building blocks for your wardrobe

Wardrobe Analysis

The key to nailing your personal style is all about having an organised wardrobe, filled only with items you love to wear – helping you to make decisions about clothes and put together outfits easily.

  • Know what you’re dressing for – consider your overall lifestyle, plus any personal or professional ambitions
  • Refine your wardrobe by identifying those items you got right, those that aren’t quite perfect but potentially wearable and those items you may want to let go
  • Make sense of your wardrobe by assessing what’s left, and discover why you’ve been wearing an endless rotation of the same few items
  • Assemble outfits and be inspired to mix and match your existing clothes and utilise accessories differently, whilst learning how you could create new outfits with the addition of a few key pieces
  • Recognise any real gaps in your wardrobe and what specific items are missing, arming you with your essentials shopping list




Develop Your Personal Style

Now you can build upon your streamlined wardrobe with a style that truly reflects where you are in your life (and career) as you ultimately realise your personal style. Armed with your essentials shopping list, you can fill in the gaps as you put all that you’ve learnt in to practice on the shop floor in a Personal Shopping session.

Personal Styling helped these people love their look

I’m buying smarter now when I shop and my wardrobe is more versatile with all the colours working together. I’ve had so many compliments - even from strangers!
Liz, Esher
Laura not only knows her stuff, but has a lovely warm manner. She took time to really understand my needs and ‘got me’ when it came to my style personality.
Nick, Clapham
I really felt I’d lost my fashion identity. Caboodle Style has restored my confidence in my own style and I can put together outfits so much more easily.
Jemma, Clapham
Such a professional and personalised service. Shopping was so frustrating before but you've given me the confidence to make my own decisions.
Graham, Surrey
Laura explained everything fantastically - why something flattered my shape, helped me find ‘my style’. Her lovely manner ensured I was nudged along gently on this journey.
Helen, Oxford
The result has been transformational. People immediately complimented “my” choices, saying how I looked slimmer and how “that colour looks really good on you” – a first!
Mike, Crystal Palace
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My money-back guarantee ensures this important decision is risk-free, giving you peace of mind when you book your session with me.

Expertise and experience

Expertise and experience

Since 2007 over 1,000 clients have benefited from my artistic flair and perceptiveness, integral to my independent and unbiased services. Professionally trained, I’m a highly skilled Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper plus Colour Analysis Expert.

A perfect fit

A perfect fit

It's not just the outcome that matters but the experience too, so I work hard to ensure the service is not only right for you but also friendly, supportive, relaxed and enjoyable.


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