Mike's story

Achieving a stylish, yet relaxed look for home and work

My fear was that a ‘personal stylist’ would just walk me around a shop and tell me what to buy as I kept up in silent ignorance. This couldn’t have been further from the truth and Laura’s welcoming, professional approach was refreshing, warm and informative.

Mike's personal style dilemma

Before Image of Personal Style Makeover Male Client - Mike
I didn’t have a clue. Talk to me about co-ordinating a 'look' and you’d get a blank look.

Mike's personal style dilemma

Buying clothes had never been a strong point for Mike and consequently clothes shopping was never something he looked forward to. When Mike did walk into a store, he didn’t really know what he was looking for, it was all guess work.

This resulted in a wardrobe, full of unworn and unloved clothes. Mike contacted Caboodle Style to put an end to making the same mistakes over and over again.



What Caboodle Style did for Mike

Mike knew that he wanted a sharp looking wardrobe that made him look good – he just didn’t know how to get one. This is why Mike sought a professional opinion – someone who would steer him in the right direction whilst taking his needs into consideration.

Mike found our initial conversation extremely valuable. We talked about what he was looking to achieve, his budget and how we would go about solving his wardrobe worries.

For men concerned with wearing a more tailored, slim fit shirt, opt for one in a deep dark colour possibly with vertical detailing for a more streamlined look. Like Mike, you can also add a tie for further vertical detailing that will skim past a tummy.

Working in the media industry, Mike was conscious he wasn’t as stylish as many of his contemporaries. Like many people he was struggling to find that balance between smart and casual.  To sharpen Mike’s look we sought out more tailored and fitted clothes which nevertheless retained a relaxed feel. For example, we paired a fitted shirt with the more casual cardigan. Mike had also always worn trainers but shoes paired with a stylish pair of jeans lifted his look while balancing smart with casual.

More interest in his look was achieved by choosing items that had quirky details – such as ornate stitching on the collar and cuffs of a jacket.

Investing in fine layering items, will not only allow you to create more unique and stylish outfits but also give you a more versatile wardrobe as you can mix and match you’re layers depending on the weather and the occasion.

Another key aspect for Mike was versatility. He has a busy social life that sees him out many evenings – some with friends and others are work-related. So we built a flexible wardrobe that allows him to pull together outfits that are smarter or more casual depending on the situation.

Opening my wardrobe doors in the morning is no longer accompanied by a puzzled look. I know exactly what I’m looking for and can walk out the front door feeling confident that I’m suited for the occasion. Caboodle Style has done wonders, not only for the contents of my wardrobe but also how I feel when I’m wearing the results of our session.

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Whether you seek a complete overhaul or just an outfit for an upcoming event, you want a tailor-made service that takes care of your individual needs. So do share your style challenge in the form below and let’s discuss how we can help you.

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