Gavin's story

A convert to trying new styles and colours

Caboodle Style helped me step out of my comfort zone. I now have a colourful wardrobe that I'm confident wearing... and that I often get complimented on.

Gavin's personal style dilemma

Before Image of Personal Style Makeover Male Client - Gavin
My look was fine, but a bit unexciting. The problem was I didn't know how to do anything about it.

Gavin's personal style dilemma

Gavin was increasingly conscious that his basic t-shirt and jeans wardrobe, which had hardly changed since he was a student, was no longer right for him now he was in his late 30s. But he didn’t know how to update his look. Prompted by his wish to also meet someone, Gavin sought help so that he could make the best of himself and gain the confidence to start dating.

Clothes shopping had become a real chore and was something Gavin just wanted to get done as quickly as possible. Tired of aimlessly wandering around shops hoping that something would leap out at him that he liked.

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What Caboodle Style did for Gavin

Conscious that Gavin was very much stepping out of his comfort zone, the focus was not just on what he wanted to achieve but what would be the best way for him to achieve it. Gavin really wanted to get to grips with this himself, so time was taken to educate his eye ensuring he not only understood what was right for him but why. This ultimately led him to be more open to new ideas and have the confidence to wear them.

Cardigans offer a great alternative to jumpers for men, as they tend to have a flattering deep v-neckline allowing more of the layer below to be visible. To ensure your cardigan retains its shape for several wears, avoid unbuttoning it and instead pull it on like a jumper (this’ll also save you time and fuss).

Personal Styling

Being an engineer Gavin loved the idea of having a framework to work within and rules to follow that would simplify the process of shopping for clothes. We devised an experience that worked for his preferred style of learning and level of interest in fashion.

Chinos are a smarter yet relaxed alternative to jeans, perfect for a variety of social occasions that you want to make a little more effort for. Look out for a contrasting turn-up detail for increased style and interest.

Gavin didn’t have any particularly challenges regarding the fit of clothing, although he found it particularly enlightening to discover why he didn’t like tops with horizontal stripes and was particularly surprised by just how good certain bright colours were on him.

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Gavin was very open to wearing more colourful clothes despite previously having stuck with safe, neutral grey and navy colours. This enabled him to achieve one of his goals which was to pull together a wardrobe that was less drab and more eye catching.

After Image of Personal Style Makeover Male Client Gavin

After Image of Personal Style Makeover Male Client Gavin
I asked a lot of questions and Laura dealt with them so patiently. I really wanted to learn the 'why' as much as the 'what' so that I could go out and buy great outfits myself. I never thought I would love clothes shopping but I do!

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