Beth's story

Finding her signature style

Caboodle Style helped me achieve so much more than I'd expected. I've never really thought about a signature style before but I've now discovered a look that truly reflects my personality.

Beth's personal style dilemma

I originally approached Caboodle Style as I was unhappy with my wardrobe and wanted to learn which colours and styles suited me.

Beth's personal style dilemma

Unhappy with her size, Beth has spent many years dressing to hide her shape rather than reflect her personality. Countless shopping trips had ended in her just buying something because it fitted and hid her shape. Beth initially came to Caboodle Style to find what colours and styles would suit and flatter her best. However, upon inspection of her wardrobe it became apparent that Beth was compromising on her style and taste. Now in her 40s she found it hard to define her look as she had never consciously thought about developing a signature style. Consequently, Beth didn’t love her wardrobe and realised it didn’t reflect who she really is.

Image of Personal Style Makeover Female Client, styled by Caboodle Style


What Caboodle Style did for Beth

Beth is feeling so much happier with how she looks now and has her own signature style. Caboodle Style has introduced Beth to new, younger brands, ones that she had assumed would not cater for her. Now she is continuing to evolve her look and this new approach to shopping has made her question every new item of clothing she buys – primarily checking that it is in keeping with her personal style and not just flattering. Although this has meant that Beth buys fewer clothes, every new item is being worn.

You don’t need to mask yourself in dull dark colours to create a look that is flattering, any deep shade of colour will achieve this effect but you also have many alternative methods relating to the cut and style at your disposal – so don’t hide yourself away in black.

Another realisation for Beth was the need to consider her lifestyle. Owing to an on going back issue, Beth can no longer wear high heeled shoes and therefore sought alternatives – recently we found some nude mid-block heel caged design sandals, which were not only comfortable but stylish and versatile too.

Not only are nude shoes extremely versatile as they’ll literally work with any outfit, they will also make bare legs appear longer and leaner.

Also, Beth recognised that items that are dry clean-only would not get worn as past experience had shown that these items would remain waiting to be taken to the cleaners (or indeed waiting at the cleaners to be picked up!). So, however nice they were dry clean-only items stayed on the rail as they weren’t right for Beth.

After Image of Personal Style Makeover Female Client - Beth - Full Length Shot of Outfit

Overall the process helped Beth feel more assured in how she looks and self-confident in general. It’s been a joy to work with Beth and be part of this transformation.


After Image of Personal Style Makeover Female Client - Beth - demonstrating how great vibrant warm red looks

After Image of Personal Style Makeover Female Client Beth
What impressed me most was how my exact needs were taken into consideration - from understanding my personality through to avoiding items that need ironing (I hate ironing!).

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