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Work Styling / New Job Styling for Women

in London, Surrey and South East

Cost: Essential £270 / Ultimate £390
Duration: 4-6 hours

Work Styling / New Job Styling: If your job requires professional, smart dress but you don't want to lose your sense of style, shopping for outfits can be difficult. Complicating the matter further are companies that allow more informal attire, which can lead to a very casual and lacklustre wardrobe. Work Styling can make this a thing of the past!

What about the job interview? You want to look your professional best, but you also want to appear as if you "fit in". Perhaps you’ve recently taken on a more senior role, and your current wardrobe doesn’t possess the right level of gravitas. New Job Styling is here to help.

It can be especially difficult to find stylish work clothes if you’re a petite size or have a curvy shape. Given the number of hours you spend at work, it’s important you feel comfortable and confident with your look – for this can have a great bearing on your professional demeanour.

What is Work Styling / New Job Styling?

Depending on your needs, your Work Styling / New Job Styling session will cover:

Work Styling / New Job Styling Essential Package
(Colour, Style & Shopping)

  • Identify the most flattering colours for your natural colouring – ensuring you don’t need to wear heavy makeup to look healthy and alert
  • Learn how to pull together outfits right for your body shape and your work environment
  • Find out how to maximise your work wardrobe by mixing and matching your items in ways that change their appearance – ensuring you never get caught wearing the same outfit twice in one week
  • Be guided on efficient packing for business trips, covering a variety of scenarios
  • Shop for your work specific capsule wardrobe - making it quicker and easier to choose what to wear of a morning
  • Create complete outfits for different occasions e.g. client meetings; general office wear; corporate hospitality etc.
  • Know where to shop for stylish work clothes that ensure you’re true to your personality, whilst still dressing appropriately for your role.

Work Styling / New Job Styling Ultimate Package
(All of the above + Wardrobe)

  • Edit your work clothes; identifying pieces to create the basis for your capsule work wardrobe whilst pulling together a strategic shopping list
  • Create the basis for a capsule work wardrobe filled with clothing that’s appropriate and fashionable, whilst pulling together a strategic shopping list

Why should I choose Caboodle Style?

Having worked for various corporate companies I understand the challenges both formal and business casual dress codes can present, and how these can vary among positions. I’ve also experienced firsthand the different demands on your style of attire in an informal, creative new media agency environment. This experience informed my creation of the Work Styling / New Job Styling sessions.

Getting it right when it comes to work clothes can be tricky, not to mention expensive. So I’ve developed this Work Styling / New Job Styling with the sole focus on helping you develop a capsule work wardrobe that befits your role, personality and budget – to ensure you project a competent, professional image, regardless of your employment level.

Where will I do Work Styling / New Job Styling?

Located in Surbiton on the South West London / Surrey border (just 17 minutes from London Waterloo by train), I cover all of Greater London and the Home Counties with my Work Styling / New Job Styling sessions.

Obviously the editing of your wardrobe needs to take place at your home. A small travel fee may be added for long journeys which we can agree beforehand.

Generally I shop in London West End where there’s the broadest selection of stores and biggest collections. Westfield London and Westfield Stratford are popular destinations too, offering a great selection of brands all under the one roof.

I also shop locally with clients in Kingston (a very manageable and pleasant shopping town offering a wide range of shops to suit a variety of styles and budgets).

If however, you live further afield I’m happy to travel and go out in your local shopping area for your Work Styling / New Job Styling.

Preparing for Work Styling / New Job Styling

Before booking your Work Styling / New Job Styling appointment, we’ll discuss what you want to achieve in your session, to ensure we make the most of your time and budget.

To ensure I'm fully prepared for your session, I'll also need you to complete Work Styling / New Job Styling my pre profiling form and where possible upload a recent photo.

When can I do Work Styling / New Job Styling?

I offer daytime and evening Work Styling / New Job Styling sessions on weekdays and, for a £30 premium, daytime session slots on weekends.

If booking several services, you can make one single appointment or split your booking across two days (these need not be consecutive days).

If you have a date in mind for your Work Styling / New Job Styling session, you can check my availability online now. To secure a convenient appointment time, I recommend you book at least two weeks in advance.

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I had a very specific perception of styles that I could and couldn't wear but Laura persuaded me to try new things, considering I am a creative person, I wasn't being very creative with my wardrobe and Laura showed me how to add a little creative twist to my wardrobe.
Angela Pugh

Interested, but not quite sure yet?

Please do ask any questions you have about Work Styling / New Job Styling or my other services; call me on 07799 713 814, email me or simply make an enquiry online now.

How do I book Work Styling / New Job Styling?

The quickest and easiest way to book Work Styling / New Job Styling is to use my online booking system. Simply choose the services you’d like to book, check my availability and reserve a time slot convenient for you. I hope to see you for Work Styling / New Job Styling soon.