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Fashion Makeover for Women

in London, Surrey and South East

Cost: £425
Duration: 6.5 hours

Fashion Makeover: A complete fashion makeover is the ultimate experience, for those who want to totally redefine and improve the way they look. Far from being superficial, a concern with oneís personal appearance is deeply ingrained within our nature as humans.

Perhaps youíve struggled to evolve your personal style with age, possibly you find it hard to find clothes to fit and flatter your body, or maybe you want to boost your confidence before you start dating or a new job.

Whatever your situation my Fashion Makeover help you update and rediscover your personal style which suits your personality, body shape, age and lifestyle. So invest in my personal style makeover and make lasting changes to your personal appearance.

Invest in my personal style makeover and discover for yourself how much a change in your everyday appearance can inject a whole new sense of energy and confidence in to your attitude whilst allowing you to age gracefully.

But donít just take my word for it, read Helenís Fashion Makeover story.

What does a Fashion Makeover involve?

Fashion Makeover: Personal Styling

  • Find out how colours effect your features to discover those that look good on you and why
  • Assess your body and face shape to identify what effect you want to focus on creating when pulling together an outfit
  • Learn the principles of clever-dressing and how you can use them to your advantage
  • Realise the type of look you aspire to and how to achieve it
  • Evaluate the contents of your wardrobe to identify those items you got right, those that arenít quite perfect but wearable, those items that really should go and those essential pieces missing

Fashion Makeover: Personal Shopping

  • Armed with a purposeful shopping list, weíll apply the principles of clever-dressing to quickly and easily unearth suitable items
  • Be encouraged to try on new and different items that if shopping alone you may well have left on the rail
  • Focus on pulling together a whole new look and complete outfits

To complete your transformation, you may also wish to book a Makeup Lesson and Hair Restyle Ė please contact me to discuss this option..

Why should I choose Caboodle Style?

My Fashion Makeover sessions are straightforward, down to earth and practical. Iíll ensure that after this session you fully understand how to apply the basic rules for dressing your particular body type and know your own personal style.

Look like a new woman from just £425.

Where do Fashion Makeovers happen?

Located in Surbiton on the South West London / Surrey border, I cover all of Greater London and the Home Counties with my Fashion Makeover sessions.

Obviously the editing of your wardrobe needs to take place at your home, so I recommend the entire personal styling part of your Fashion Makeover will be undertaken at your home. A small travel fee may be added for long journey times which we can agree beforehand.

Generally I shop in London West End where thereís the broadest selection of stores and biggest collections. Westfield London and Westfield Stratford are popular destinations too, offering a great selection of brands all under the one roof.

I also shop locally with clients in Kingston (a very manageable and pleasant shopping town offering a wide range of shops to suit a variety of styles and budgets).

If however, you live further afield Iím happy to travel and go out in your local shopping area.

How do I prepare for my Fashion Makeover?

Before booking your Fashion Makeover appointment, weíll discuss what you want to achieve in your session, to ensure we make the most of your time and budget.

To ensure I'm fully prepared for your session, I'll also need you to complete my Fashion Makeover pre profiling form and where possible upload a recent photo.

When are Fashion Makeover sessions held?

I offer daytime and evening session Fashion Makeover sessions weekdays and, for a £30 premium, daytime session slots on weekends.

Given my Fashion Makeover package incorporates several services, you may want to book one whole day with me or perhaps split your booking across two days (these need not be consecutive days).

If you have a date in mind, you can check my availability online now. To secure a convenient Fashion Makeover appointment time, I recommend you book at least two weeks in advance.

London Personal Shopper Ė Fashion Makeover Session Image

I feel like I have regained my sense of style and Iíve so much more confidence in my appearance. I am regularly being complimented by family, friends, and colleagues and, on occasion, total strangers on what I am wearing, which of course is a lovely feeling.
Gill Cross, 36

Interested, but not quite sure yet?

Please do ask any questions you have about my Fashion Makeover or any other services; call me on 07799 713 814, email me or simply make an enquiry online now.

How do I book a Fashion Makeover?

The quickest and easiest way to book a Fashion Makeover is to use my online booking system. Simply choose the services youíd like to book, check my availability and reserve a time slot convenient for you.