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Personal Shopping & Styling for Men

in London, Surrey and South East

Fashion is not just the domain of women, I defy any man to not enjoy having a wardrobe full of clothes which fit and flatter perfectly. Even if you hate shopping, by simply knowing whatís right for you, youíll be equipped to be a smarter shopper and a notably well-dressed man.

Sticking to practical, functional advice, Iíll help you to recognise which colours and styles flatter your body type, how to pull together outfits, and build a versatile, well coordinated wardrobe that suits your fashion personality and lifestyle.

By providing you with the fundamentals for dressing well and making future shopping trips easier and quicker, I can guarantee youíll avoid wasting time and, more importantly, money on unflattering clothes and enjoy looking good every day.

Cost: £110
Duration: 1.5 hours

Feel more attractive and self-assured by uncovering the art of clever-dressing in a style right for you. Understand the key principles for putting together an outfit that accentuates your best assets (whilst disguising anything else!).

Cost: £60 per hour
Duration: 2 hours minimum

Take the anxiety and chore out of shopping by learning how to be a smart shopper. An enjoyable and practical session Iíll help you avoid wasting time and money on wrong purchases. I can also shop with you for special occasions, specific items or seasonal updates and, if youíre really short of time, shop for you.

Cost: £230
Duration: 3.5 hours

By simply looking the part your body language will exude confidence. Whatever environment or industry you work in, Iíll help you look your professional best whilst remaining true to your own personal style. Leaving you with a capsule work wardrobe that works for you.

Cost: £230
Duration: 3.5 hours

Ensure you look your absolute best and revamp your personal style completely. Discover the colours and styles that will suit and flatter you, plus build a new capsule wardrobe that suits you and your lifestyle Ė enabling you to maintain your new look.

Can include hair restyle, a whole new look and new wardrobe.