I’m not anti-fashion, but it has to be style over fashion every time

So it’s the first post of my blog about personal styling and personal shopping techniques you can use to help find your own style. What better way to kick things off than to explain what the title of the blog is all about I thought?


Don’t just follow fashion – be true to yourself 

For me as a personal stylist I think it is fundamental that to look your absolute best, you need to develop and follow your own personal style. Looking inwards and thinking “what do I really like and what’s really me?” in my view should come above fashion. Such an approach will also ensure you achieve the most value out of each item you buy. As soon as you break away from wearing what’s in fashion, and focus on what suits your personal style you’ll end up with a wardrobe that will last you many seasons.


Adapt the latest fashion

Yes, it’s absolutely fine to have nods to what’s on the catwalk and by all means be inspired but ultimately you want to create your own version – adapt it for you rather than just replicating the latest fashion.

So if they say brights are in but brights aren’t good on you then don’t feel you are out of touch unless slavishly follow the trend. Instead you could wear a nod to the fashion – for example bright shoes or a little accessory. Or if, say, colour blocking is in vogue but you are trying to lengthen the appearance of your body that’s simply not going to work for you.

There will always be lots of trends that won’t suit you. Once you accept this then the pressure is off and you can begin to focus on your personal style.


Be unique

Many of my personal stylist and personal shopper service clients want to look original. They don’t want to look like everyone else in the office or on the school run. I always advise that by investing in items that are right for them and true to their style personality will ensure they have a working, wearable wardrobe that will look best on them (should anyone try to copy it!). Yes be inspired by fashion and, yes, do update your wardrobe – after all we’d all look dated if we didn’t acknowledge any changing fashion at all. But the trick is for style to come first, fashion second. Hence the name of this blog – Style over Fashion (I emphasise – it isn’t Style not Fashion! )


Am I out of date?

I get many questions from my personal styling clients asking “Should I be wearing this right now – does it look dated? To which I reply “The question to really ask is ‘Do I like myself in this?'” After all, if you have a dress that flatters your body shape, is in the right colours and gives off the look you aspire too but happens to be five years old, so what? You’ll look better than someone following the latest catwalk trend with a dress that makes them look several size bigger, tired and ‘trying too hard’! Obviously there is a limit for most items but you don’t have to a ditch a great item just because it’s a few seasons old.


Why clothes are like husbands

This blog intends to help you find your personal style so you can wear outfits that flatter and you feel great in. When I feature outfits that are in fashion I will make sure I explain who they are right for and why. After all nothing is for everyone – whether it’s husbands and wives, houses, restaurants, films or books – so why should clothes be any different? We shouldn’t all be wearing the same clothes any more than we should all want the same house. What a dull world it would be if we did!


To this end in future blogs I shall be translating the latest trends from the catwalk for real people.


Let me know your thoughts on how you combine style and fashion and what you’d like to get out of this blog. If you’ve liked this post it would be great if you could click the Facebook and Twitter buttons!