How to choose a Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of How to Choose a Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper.

If you missed it you can view How to Choose a Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper: Part 1 here.

Here are my final 7 tips on how to ensure you select the Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper who is right for you.

Are their services right for you?

Personal Stylists and Personal Shoppers offer an array of services from Colour Analysis and Style Analysis to Wardrobe Styling and Personal Shopping sessions for men and women. Do they offer the right package to suit you and your needs?

If you’re busy do they offer a pre-shop service whereby they select items before you meet so you can have a one big try-on to kick off a shopping session? Or if you are on a budget do they let you pick and choose sessions or must you take a bundle of a half day or a day?

You may have a particular need such as work styling, new mum styling, wedding  styling or teenage styling. Do they offer such tailored services that meet your needs?


Is the Price right?

An obvious one but does the price allow you to meet your objectives when you have factored in actually buying new clothes? Which leads me on to…


Can the Personal Stylist / Personal Shopper offer convenient appointment times?

If you work you may wish to take time off and make a special day of your personal styling or personal shopping experience. However, if you don’t can they offer a session at a time that works for you – perhaps in the evening or at weekends?


Will the Personal Shopper take you to the stores you like?

No doubt you’ll have an idea in mind of where you want to shop – low to high end high street stores, designer boutiques and so on. Some stylists specialise in parts of the market and others are confident across the spectrum. You need to be comfortable that any Personal Shopper you choose is going to be able to match your budget and style.

If you are on a limited budget will they be happy taking you to H&M? Or at the higher end do they know their way around the top designers at Selfridges?


Check you are the only client!

You should never feel obliged to buy anything in a session – you are paying for a personal shopper’s time and they should be independent. If they are being paid by anyone else you are not the only client  – if they earn commission in the stores you visit you are not getting independent advice.


Does your (potential) Personal Stylist offer a FREE, no obligation consultation?

Before booking your session, always ask for a consultation which should last for approx. 15 minutes, so that you can discuss your needs. Your Personal Stylist should not only show interest and empathy but demonstrate a clear understanding of your situation and ensure you book the best service to suit you and your budget.


Can they provide happy customer testimonials?

The real proof point of course is do they have happy customers. Quotes from named customers on the personal stylist and personal shopper’s website will give you a certain confidence. You can always go a step further and ask if you can have a chat or drop an email to a former customer. A good stylist will have customers who are so enthusiastic about their service they’d be happy to talk.

Also you should ask any personal stylist and personal shopper whether they have had a customer with a similar need to you – you’ll be able to tell from this response how well they can relate to you and ultimately help you.


Hopefully, that gives you a some pointers to finding a personal stylist and personal shopper who suits you and your needs. Not everyone will be right for you so it’s important that you are comfortable with the person, are sure they ‘get’ you, are confident that they know their subject and can deliver a service that is right for you. If they tick all the boxes you will I believe make the right choice.

Have I missed anything? How did you choose a personal stylist and personal shopper? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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