How to Master Layering and give your Personal Style a Boost – Part 2

So in How to Master Layering and give your Personal Style a Boost – Part 1 I shared with you some handy tips on How to Invest in a Wardrobe of Layers and A Few Rules. Now I’d like to highlight some clever tricks and how to make the most of your budget. (Oh, and if you enjoy this post please click the Twitter and Facebook buttons to spread the word – thanks!)

Layering Outfit

Clever tricks

Layering allows you to also balance your bodyshape and disguise any areas you wish to conceal.

These are a few examples of clever tricks with layering:

  • Woman with a large bust who want to conceal a cleavage in a low necked top, can wear a roll-neck or a vest top (depending on the season) to mask this – especially useful for ones work wardrobe.
  • Those with proportionately long arms can shorten the appearance of their arms by layering sleeves (on the flip side not good if you have short arms).
  • People with a long body can use several layered tops with varying lengthens to shorten the appearance of their body.
  • 3/4 length leggings under a skirt is a particularly good look for a woman with very long legs.
  • Avoid fitted double layered hems on the hipline if you don’t want to draw the eye to wide hips and/or bottom
  • Layer with a tank top or a waistcoat, if you have particular broad shoulders

Layering Outfit

Layering also enables you to transform an item to suit your signature style. Take one simple shift dress…

  • If you favour very feminine pretty styles you could add a pussy bow blouse underneath and Mary Jane shoes
  • For those with a more quirky fashion personality, maybe opt for peter pan collared blouse and preppy flat shoes
  • However, a more classic style would suit a traditional crisp shirt worn underneath with simple court shoes

Layering Outfit

Making the most of your budget

Using layers can ensure items in your wardrobe get loads of use, for you change their appearance depending on how you wear it. Three days, one long sleeved shirt!:

Day 1 – wear it buttoned up on its own
Day 2 – wear it slightly unbuttoned with the cuffs turned up, revealing a contrasting crew necked long sleeved layering top underneath
Day 3 – wear a cardigan layer over the top of it, with the sleeves puckerd up and a blazer over the top

So layering let’s you get much more out of your wardrobe.

Layering Outfit

I’m far more interested in a piece that I can layer with than a standalone top. That said I feel there are very few tops that can’t be used for layering. To build a capsule layering wardrobe is money well spent and it will get you through this cold spring weather. It gives items a longer life through the year. A top or dress worn alone in the summer can be worn in the colder months with an under-layer, a cardigan over the top with knee length boots and thick leggings. Which is very useful in the current economic climate when many of us are tightening our belts.

So I hope these tips have helped you see how layering can benefit your style and your wallet. Now If you take it one step further and accessorise then you will find your style on another level – but that will be for a future blog post!

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