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Personal Styling & Shopping Client Testimonials

If you’re still considering booking a session with me, then let my clients tell you just how effective they found my services to be.

Below, a sample of clients explain their situation and why they sought a personal stylist/shopper and recall their session with me and how it benefited them.

Every client is different, however some of the problems described may well sound familiar and reassure you that I can help you too to solve your style dilemma.

For more customer feedback please check out my reviews on Google+. The star ratings below are either from Google or our own surveys and all other quotes are from lovely emails we've received from happy customers. Reviews relating to our fab new stylist, Nicola are highlighted. All other reviews relate to Laura.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

On Nicola: Nicola is a complete asset to the company. She kept in touch regarding her arrival and was well-presented and exceptionally personable. Her insight into style and accessorising was much appreciated and I will be calling on her services again to complete the wardrobe styling task we got halfway through! Have already recommended to some friends. Am just awaiting some outfit photo reminders.

Julia (October 2013)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

On Nicola: Had super fun with Nicola!!! I'm happy I did the whole make over and not just shopping as this has thought me what color and style suits me. Now I can confidently go shopping without doubting if I picked the wrong clothes. It's was the best experience and I'm glad I did it!!!

Lydia (September 2013)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

On Nicola: My colour analysis with Nicola was very useful. I'm going to feel a lot more confident about my choices when clothes shopping and combining colours in my wardrobe. Nicola was lovely to work with and I would definitely recommend her to friends.

Catherine, 42 (September 2013)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

On Nicola: Doing the colour analysis session was so helpful and I know that shopping will be more focused from now on. Having my proportions looked at by someone objectively will also make a huge difference in the styles I will choose. The personal shopping was brilliant. Nicola is so friendly and incredibly knowledgeable. She totally put me at ease. There were several times when she knew that she'd something in particular in a store and asked the staff if they still stocked it and they did! She was incredibly focused throughout the session and not at all pushy in getting me to try things. She comes highly recommended!

Clare, 32 (September 2013)

★ ★ ★ ★

On Nicola: What a great investment! I was able to see what colours suit me best and could see the differences different colours made. Overall I am very happy I chose to do this and shopping will never be the same again!

Iram (September 2013)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

On Nicola: I was so impressed by Nicola. Nicola by far exceeded my expectations. Both Hannah and I learned heaps we can easily put into practice I am very grateful to her as she identified exactly what we each needed during a most enjoyable evening. Thank you.

Mary R, Australia (August 2013)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I never have enough time to shop. I hate shopping in the afternoons when all the gear is all over the place and other people get in the way! I really needed to refresh and renew my work wardrobe. I'm a crazy busy CEO of a medium sized membership organisation and needed to pitch my clothes to suit that role, but also to dress up for spontaneous appointments to 'impress', and down for more relaxed days in the office. Laura, supported by Claire, her ever-helpful PA, is a fantastic find. I went for the Essential Work Styling package where Laura came to my office, colour-matched me, season-matched me, proportion matched me and gave me really useful styling advice on sizes, shapes, designs, patterns, lengths etc, some of which confirmed what I kind have learned by trial and error, but much of which was new to me! This has become my 'framework' to work with and means I can go into a store and know what to pick out, and what not to bother giving a second look to. Since then I've done two shops with Laura over a six week period and now have a brilliant range of clothes to pick and mix from. The other thing Laura showed me was how to shop, as in being confident, not getting phased by shop 'policies' about numbers of items in the fitting rooms, and a really great tip about how to try things on. She's fab to shop with as she really connects with you, and offers true opinions as against others who might offer you what they think you want to hear. As you can read, I can thoroughly recommend Laura, and Claire, and Caboodle Style - worth every penny.

Michelle Drage (August 2013)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Great experience all round. I went for the work wardrobe package, and had two hours with Laura on colour and style followed by a 2 hour shopping trip. I could not be happier with the whole experience. Laura quickly 'read' me, understanding colour and style not just asthetically but also in terms of my sense of identify. Laura's advice varies between giving you the key principles, explaining how they apply to you and practical tips like which shops tend to stock your colours and styles. Laura is lovely to deal with, makes you feel very comfortable and also is very professional. I will definitely be returning and recommending to friends!

Elisabeth Watson (July 2013)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This was the best shopping experience I have ever had. It was great to know what to buy, and the colors , styles etc,. Laura has great knowledge of people's suitability to certain types of clothes. For me shopping will no longer be a chore. I really enjoy looking for clothes that suit my Style. Thank you very much Laura for all your help!!

Harsha Modasia (June 2013)

I had such a great time with Laura! She really helped me understand what suited me and what to avoid. She helped give me the confidence to try things that I never previously would have looked at and helped me escape my 'mum of 2 young children wardrobe of jeans, sloppy t-shirts and trainers'. I even bought an outfit for going out in the evenings which I can't wait to wear!

Alexandra Burner (June 2013)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

We had a color analysis with Laura and latter we had personal session followed by shopping with Laura. It was by far the best thing and well invested money we had done in a long time. Laura is warm, friendly and makes you feel comfortable and at ease. We are identical twins and she immediately pick up our different personalities. All these sessions were so well explained that we are no longer stressed and frustrated about going shopping for clothes. And we safe money and time.

Kristyna Wiedermannova (April 2013)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Laura really helped me to understand what styles will suit me and also what to avoid. The colour experience was also excellent, showing me some colours that I would never have thought would suit me. I'm really looking forward to my next shopping trip! Laura is a lovely lady, I enjoyed a very relaxing afternoon with her.

Angela Cowans (March 2013)

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result - The simplest ideas are the best" Two phrases that summed up my pre and post-Caboodle Style life, respectively. Thankfully Laura knows how to stop the insanity and make the whole experience simple and enjoyable. Thanks again!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Nick D (January 2013)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have spent the last two years deciding whether or not to spend the money to have a personal shopping trip with Laura. I finally made the decision and really wish I had made the decision two years earlier!! First shopping trip in a long time that was totally stress free. Laura was brilliant at finding clothes that suited me and opened my eyes to items/designs I would normally have dismissed straight away. After spending the afternoon with Laura, I feel more confident in clothes which is great. Yes, it is a lot of money but it is worth every penny!Thanks Laura :)

Kate (December 2012)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Laura welcomes you into her (lovely) home and makes you feel totally at ease from the moment you sit down. Step by step she slowly goes through your colouring and style without lecturing and dictating. As this is a learning exercise Laura encourages you to decide why certain colours work and why certain styles don't, giving lots of encouragement, focus, direction and good advice. By the end of my session I completely understood not only what worked for me but 'why' they worked for me. The Personal Shopping experience was superb and I would recommend it to anyone who like me (until seeing Laura), absolutely loathed clothes shopping and found it a very frustrating chore. Laura causally browses the shops with you (no rushing around), points out clothes that she believes will work on you, but it is entirely up to you as to whether you wish to try them on. Trust her judgement. She will not put you in anything that is not going to work on you, even if it's a style or colour you would have avoided in the past for whatever reason. Laura suggested a warm orange dress for me. I always avoided orange and the idea of wearing something apparently so bright into the office the next day scared me. But I tried it on anyway and instantly everything Laura had advised earlier made so much sense: it was my colour, it didn't make me stand out like a sore thumb and was immensely flattering. Laura encourages but she is not pushy. She is not blunt but her advice is honest and constructive. It was a very enjoyable, relaxing experience and I returned home with several fantastic pieces and a new outlook on clothes-shopping. Of course, you won't completely change overnight and the learning experience continues long after the sessions, but I feel much better prepared tackling my style and shopping excursions since my afternoon with Laura. Money well spent and a good investment in yourself.

Bernadette Earley (Novenber 2012)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I was given a style and colour analysis session with Laura as a birthday present from my Mother. I have to say I was very nervous before hand but Laura, as well as giving excellent and practical style advice, put me completely at my ease. She was highly professional and friendly and I left the session feeling so confident and enthused to change my style outlook and implement her recommendations. I understand, through her careful explanations, how to put a look together and now feel confident that I can put an outfit together that will look good and suit me. The amount of compliments I have recieved from my colleages, family and friends has been astounding and my confidence has sky rocketed. I would recommend a session with Laura to anyone. You will NOT regret it. Thank you so much Laura!

Theresa Bigwood (November 2012)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I had an amazing day with Laura, she took me out of my comfort zone and made me consider items I woulldn't normally go for. I had had a number of positive comments on my look since meeting with her.

Catherine Nolan (June 2012)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

My first experience Laura was with my daughter and she had a wonderful day - my present for her 20th birthday and has not looked back.I spent the day with my daughter Rosie and Laura and saw the transformation first hand and Rosie says it was the best present she's ever been given and has saved her from many fashion mistakes.... I feel the same. Since then I have given a day to my sister and a close friend who had lost a great deal of weight .... they both had amazing days and my friend was so thrilled that she got tearful at how much more empowered she felt knowing that she too could feel confident. I have now had my very own day with Laura - and it has made a huge difference to me... every day. The guidance is clear and achievable. I am no longer at the mercy of well-meaning sales staff who don't know what works for me. Laura was as good with my daughter when shopping in TopShop and Miss Selfridge as she was with me looking at rather different shops. I think that working with various budgets really matters as I've had friends who have been forced into shops that were too expensive for them. A major plus for my husband is that I have stopped being a pain about "not haivng anything to wear" or not being sure of what to wear to events. This is because I generally feel so much surer of my choices now that I'm working wth guidelines that I am confident with. The other thing that I had wanted to develop (even though I'm 50) was my own style - a way to dress quite apart from my working wardrobe which has to be professional. I had flet very stuck on this and really a bit lost. Laura's suggestions worked with my personality and I am gradually creating my non-work style which is fun. Interestingly my son who has just left university has asked if he too could see Laura - he wants to change his student wardrobe now that he has a job and has seen how much it has helped Rosie and me. Laura is very easy to spend the day with and I have found the time very enjoyable on each occasion. I view the days with Laura as money very well spent - and in fact a good investment.

Amanda Le Page (June 2012)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I had a colour analysis, personal stylist and personal shopper service from Caboodle Style. The colour analysis was useful in that it confirmed that most of my existing colour choices were suitable, but also introduced me to some other colours that I would never have before considered (and already people have commented favourably on these new colours where I've worn them). The style analysis showed me how to dress to make the most of the body shape I have - not just what clothes to buy, but how to wear them. Tying this all in with a personal shopping was a great way to put the theory into practice and introduced me to some new stores I didn't know. All through this, Laura was clear and concise, listening to my feedback and tailoring her advice to fit my own preferences and requirements. I was very happy with the whole service and certainly glad that I decided to do it.

Steve Bond (June 2012)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Saw Laura on a Friday and on the Saturday walked into a clothes shop without feeling any anxiety for the first time in my life. She taught me what to look for, how to narrow down my choices and what worked for me in terms of colour and style. She has the ability to make her sessions both relaxed and informative and does serve very nice coffee and rather good chocolate biscuits.

Anonymous review left on Google+ (May 2012)

My day with Laura was the best present I have ever, and probably will ever, be given.

The way she explained why certain styles and colours suit me and others don't is knowledge which I now use instinctively every day. Shopping for me used to be an unorganised frenzy of whatever I fancied on the day, whereas now I have a strategy. Walking into a shop I now make a bee line for anything in my colours and then sift for my style. Only then will I try things on which is so much more organised and since my day with Laura I have been complimented countless times on my style.

I am really glad to have had this experience aged 19 because I feel like I will use what she has taught me for the rest of my life. It's great to start building a wardrobe early on and have time to find pieces you love.

I love Laura's dress in the dark theory for the wardrobe and I've tried it and it works! She explains that if you stick to your colour pallet and styles that suit you then in theory you should be able to pick things out of your wardrobe in the dark and they will always look good. This is because everything in her pallets match and you will never have a problem piece in your wardrobe which you have no idea how to wear because it doesn't go with anything.

I would recommend Laura to just about everyone. I think that she gives you a new appreciation of your body because she teaches you to enhance what is good about your figure and colouring whilst subtly skimming over those bits you'd rather not draw attention to. Laura is very easy to get on with and to talk to and has a lovely way of explaining why she recommends the things she does for you.

Mums treat your daughters to this as it will be an investment in their future, Husbands get this for your wife because she will never ask if she "looks fat in this" again and anyone who's just a little at sea about what suits them - this is the thing for you.

Rosie Le Page (April 2012)

I'm transformed! Prior to meeting Laura I rarely felt confident, and never felt stylish in my clothes. I was convinced it was because I had an odd body shape, and I'd never look as good as my friends. Considering I am also carrying the extra pounds that always creep on in winter, I was not feeling very optimistic that Laura could make me look and feel good. Well my doubts quickly faded away! Laura was amazing! She first helped me understand what colours work for me and more importantly taught me what works best my body shape. She also really took notice of my own personal style, which made our shopping experience one of the most enjoyable of my life. I now feel trendy and stylish but still 100% me. I now get excited every time I walk into a shop, as Laura has equipped me the tools to make the right fashion choices. The compliments I've been getting speak for themselves. Thank you Laura - my only regret is not meeting you earlier!!

Jodie (January 2012)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Laura is AMAZING. I am someone who has always considered myself capable of pulling an outfit together for specific occasions yet when going out casually I never really felt stylish. It was great to get some help with the weaker areas of my wardrobe and to understand why certain shapes, cuts, colours and styles work FOR ME (and possibly more importantly those things which work against me and my body). Although Laura and I don't have exactly the same fashion personality, she was very good at helping me to find things which I would like and feel comfortable with yet which I wouldn't have selected off the racks on my own. She helps you to understand your best features and ways of working with them and with those features you may be a bit more self-conscious about. I look at clothes now with such different eyes and really understand what to look for. My husband was worried that giving me a styling session as a birthday gift might have sent the wrong message, but I can say that I was SO excited to receive it and was even more pleased in using it than I could ever have imagined. This was the best present ever and I am excited to come back to Laura in the years to come to help keep me and my wardrobe as stylish as possible

Heather (January 2012)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Caboodle Style transformed my wardrobe and opened my eyes to all the things I'd been doing wrong when choosing my outfits. These days I get lots of great remarks about the way I dress and as I know what outfits will work on me I shop with confidence so clothes shopping is quick and easy.

Gavin (December 2011)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I am a 36 year old male and always thought I had good dress sense. What Laura taught me in 1.5 hours was eye opening. In my opinion if you don't understand what colours suit your skin tone / complexion then you're flying blind, let alone how to dress to flatter the right proportions of your body. What I have now is a clear understanding of what looks good and know instantly when walking into a shop what to try on. Thanks Laura!

Samuel (December 2011)

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Laura was amazing, really made me look at my current wardrobe, the colours that suit me, and think clearly about my shopping style....highly recommended!

Kam (November 2011)

"Thank you so much for your help. I didn’t realize how some small changes would make such a huge difference to how I felt and looked…or that I’d be able to achieve in 3 enjoyable hours shopping with you what would have required days and days of looking and frustrated shopping on my own…. Thank you so much! I’ve already had quite a few people tell me how well I’m looking these days and I feel comfortable and more confident in my new outfits!! It was the best birthday present I’ve ever been given! (I’ve got a really lovely husband!!)"

Maire Sewell, 45 (October 2010)

“When my husband presented me with a gift certificate for a personal stylist I'm afraid my first reaction was to be a bit offended - was I not stylish? I considered myself reasonably fashionable for a 31 year old and spent quite a bit of time (and money!) on clothes etc. For this reason I actually left this experience for a few months until the opportunity of time off ahead of a new job prompted me to take it forward.

I remember speaking to Laura on the phone and voicing my scepticism about the colour bit - my mum 'had her colours done' and seemed to carry round a great swatch of colours which she tried to match to clothes she liked. Laura said she would relish the opportunity to prove me wrong and boy was she right!

I had the colour consultation, personal style consultation and wardrobe inspection which took place at my house and remember being surprised by how scientific the process was. Taking into account my colouring and shape as well as the image I told Laura I wanted she was able to simplify and be quite specific about the optimum colour, shape, material, and scale of clothes and accessories which would help me achieve my best look. I was relieved that about 50% of my wardrobe was along the right lines and interested to realise why that dress for example which I always loved but for some reason never looked quite right was actually not flattering on me.

The following day we met to shop and put into practice what I had learned. Shopping became more interesting - walking into a shop the possibilities are slimmed down from having to consider everything on display. I found maybe half the items could be dismissed immediately. Laura picked out lots of outfits for me to try some of which I was frankly quite uncomfortable with - I would never look twice at that much less wear it.... Until I put it on...! And bought it!!

I really missed Laura when I subsequently shopped on my own but have let the experience completely change how I shop and put outfits together. One massive car boot sale and shopping trip to New York later and my wardrobe is transformed and the compliments from friends and family speak for themselves! Seeing a personal stylist was a real treat for me but also an investment and I would recommend Laura to anyone”

Amy Hefford, 31, Lobbyist (September 2010)

"Before I used Caboodle Style I used to find it really difficult to find clothes I liked, and I often found myself looking frustratedly through my wardrobe trying to find outfits for different occasions, from casual to work wear, with no success. Caboodle Style gave me a structured approach to dressing based on the looks that suited me (colour/style etc) and this has enabled me to build up a wardrobe of clothes I really love wearing. Clothes shopping has turned from being a nightmare into one of my favourite pastimes, using some of the techniques that I learned, and I am now used to receiving compliments on my clothes which never happened before. It gives you the confidence to express yourself and know that you look good, rather than hiding away in black clothes which was my previous bad habit. Laura is able to give advice in a way that is not pushy or overbearing, and has a good sense of humour which makes the experience a lot of fun... I have recommended to her to several friends who have all been similarly transformed!"

Ceris Stafford, 36, Chartered Secretary (August 2010)

“Having just turned 35, I became quite distressed about the sad state of my wardrobe and my inability to buy anything that I liked when shopping. I felt increasingly distanced from high street fashion and I was worried about edging towards 40 wearing the same things I had ten years ago and losing all sense of style along the way.

Luckily, I found Caboodle Style on the internet and I decided it was time to take action. Firstly, Laura did my colour profile which was very revealing. I used to wear a lot of black, white, pale pink and pale blue (for some reason I was very emotionally attached to pale pink!) but Laura showed me that the light cool colours washed out my pale skin...I was a reluctant and sceptical to start with but she was so right! I now wear warm and vibrant darker colours and look so much healthier!

We also did a style session and a wardrobe makeover. I was worried that Laura would want to throw out everything in my wardrobe but actually, we found a few gems in the back which I hadn’t worn in a long time that Laura pointed out were good colours/styles for me, so an unexpected outcome from that session was that I am now getting a lot of wear out of things that I had previously given up on.

I went for a personal shopping session which I was a bit apprehensive about, given my own recent poor shopping experiences. I was expecting to traipse around shops and be worried about how much time we were taking, but Laura was so efficient and effective. We went to just one shop where I spent about 3 hours in the change room with Laura bringing me piece after piece to try on. I bought about 10 items that day which, being the right colours, mix and match well together. That set the foundation for me to build upon, and I now find it so much easier to buy pieces that work with the other things in my wardrobe, which in turn means that it’s easy to create numerous different outfits.

I feel like I have regained my sense of style and I’ve so much more confidence in my appearance. I am regularly being complimented by family, friends, and colleagues and, on occasion, total strangers on what I am wearing, which of course is a lovely feeling.

I can honestly say that contacting Laura is one of the best things I have ever done. She is friendly yet professional, non-intimidating and ultimately, she really knows what she is talking about. I recommended her to a friend of mine, who also benefited immensely from Laura’s Caboodle Style makeover.”

Gill Cross, 36 (July 2010)

“I hate shopping, there I’ve said it! Being a size 16-18 means I’ve generally found it hard to find clothes that look flattering or even fit nicely, so I generally leave it until I desperately need something then go high pressure shopping, which is invariably a disaster.

I’d been off work for 9 months with my first child, which has been great, but shopping was out of the question, and so my wardrobe had deteriorated to being only clothes which worked well for feeding or washed easily when ‘decorated’ by the little one. I was nervous about returning to work (would I even be able to hold coherent adult conversation not about babies?!) and really wanted a confidence boost.

Myself and 3 friends had had a colours/style session with Laura 6 months previously, really interesting and great fun, and I’d thought at the time that when I went back to work I’d have a personal shopper session. The more I thought about it the better an idea it seemed. I booked Laura for 2 hours (the minimum session and far longer than I expected to last shopping!) and filled in the handy questionnaire highlighting my returning to work status, and that I wanted smart casual wardrobe, that I wanted to try dresses but was intimidated by them and could never find trousers that fit both my waist and my bum.

I was quite nervous meeting Laura again, as I really thought it wouldn’t be any fun, but rather something which would be ‘worthwhile’ doing. How wrong was I! When we met Laura had already pulled out a few items based on my questionnaire and we went around the department store looking at items. As we went around Laura pulled out items she thought would suit me, and explained why they were good / what they’d achieve, I found this really interesting, and by the end I could spot which tops would be flattering, and the opposite, myself!

Laura was very friendly and approachable and in no way intimidating. We took armfuls of clothes to the changing rooms, and had them all in the room at once (none of that only 4 items!) As I tried on the items I was really surprised how good they looked, the dress and two pairs of trousers Laura had picked out before I even arrived fitted like a dream!

I came away with lots of great, all interchangeable items and even 4 dresses, which I love wearing. I really enjoyed the day, and even added an extra hour to go hunting for jeans (success again!) I’ve had so many compliments on my outfits at work (I keep being told I’ve been “Gok’d”), and my hubby loves them too, it’s really been the confidence boost I needed on starting back.

I’ve even bought a top since, which perfectly fitted the guidelines Laura discussed, and have been complimented on that too, I’d never have thought to buy it before, but now I have the confidence to buy clothes and know they look flattering.

I’d totally recommend Laura/Caboodle Style to anyone returning to work, and in fact for anyone who feels their clothes aren’t working for them. Laura is a great person to go shopping with, as you know she’s giving you honest opinions and she gives you the confidence to try new combinations which you’d never have done before.

I used to wear hipster trousers and long tops, but on Laura’s advice tried high-waisted trousers and shorter tops, the difference was amazing, but I’d never have tried it without her help. The amount I learnt from the session on what stores are good for my shape, style and colours and what styles work best on my figure is unbelievable. The only downside is that now I know shopping can be fun I’ve got a taste for it…”

Shona Clegg, New Mum (June 2010)

"As I turned 40 I found I was struggling to find clothes suitable for relaxed evenings out and work wear, that were neither too young or too stuffy. I had a few pieces in my wardrobe that I felt suited me but nothing seemed to match or look quite right.

A friend bought me gift vouchers for Caboodle Style and I arranged for an express colour and style analysis, a wardrobe restyle and a personal shopping trip.

Laura came armed with a daylight lamp, mirrors and swatches and soon showed me where I had been going wrong. She not only recommended several colours that I thought I could never wear but she showed me why the colours I had been choosing didn't work for me. We then went through my wardrobe and created new combinations from clothes I already had before heading out to the shops.

I had a very specific perception of styles that I could and couldn't wear but Laura persuaded me to try new things, considering I am a creative person, I wasn't being very creative with my wardrobe and Laura showed me how to add a little creative twist to my wardrobe. I was also amazed at the difference that a specific cut or colour made - I ended up with several key pieces that not only fit and flatter and make me feel great, but most of them are a size smaller than I normally buy, so fantastic for the self esteem!

The friend who bought the Caboodle Style vouchers for me is so impressed, she wants the same for her birthday next year!"

Angela Pugh, 41, Creative Director (June 2010)

“Before using Caboodle Style my wardrobe consisted of a lot of grey and black. Playing it safe with jeans and a top I never knew what suited my skin tone or body shape. Although I love to shop I would end up with a mix of clothes I wasn't sure about and most attempts to try something different just sat unused in the wardrobe which can be very frustrating.

After meeting Laura for a colour, style and shopping session my wardrobe now consists of colours and clothes and I know look great on me and I can wear with confidence. Gone are many pairs of jeans and black tops, replaced with vibrant dresses and skirts plus other items I would not normally have worn. I have really put into practice all the great tips Laura advised.

Laura made me feel relaxed and was easy to talk to you. I've recommended her to my friends who have already booked valuable styling sessions.”

Emma Farrelly, 30, HR Administrator (June 2010)

“I was bought the experience by my husband as he was fed up with me saying that I had nothing to wear while looking into a full wardrobe. (A common experience for many men I imagine!)

The styling at home was packed full of information and much more detailed than I imagined. I could see the sense in all of the tips given to me. I knew that short tops looked better on me but it was interesting to find out why this was. When I looked at my wardrobe with fresh eyes yes I could see that it was full of clothes bought for all the wrong reasons.

In my shopping trip in London with Laura, I could see she was trying to get me to try something different, but not too different. The colours of the clothes she picked out were lovely. Before I met Laura I was concerned that she would be intimidating and make me buy clothes that I did not want but she is not like this at all. She is very friendly and really tries to tailor her sessions to help the individual.”

Marie McGowan, 50 (May 2010)

“I had no idea about styling. When I thought I needed something to wear, I'd walk into a store and grab something that looked ok. A large amount of it stayed in the cupboard as I realised it looked awful on me, but I couldn't really say why.

I booked a men's style profiling session with Caboodle Style to try and get some answers. I figured that all the wasted clothes were costing me a lot of money and a styling session would be an investment which would save me money in the long run, and give me a better look. The session was well organised, friendly and covered all the areas I was after - colours, shapes, designs, things to go for and things to avoid. Everything was well explained for the fashion novice and I came away with a set of "rules" to guide me when I went shopping. I must have spent more on clothes in the following couple of weeks as in the previous couple of years – but smiling at the same time.

I am extremely pleased with the advice I received from Caboodle Style; as well as giving me new confidence while shopping for clothes, I have received a previously unheard number of compliments on my new outfits. I would be happy to recommend the style profiling for any man who needs some guidance when they hit the clothes shops.”

Paul Whitney, 36 (March 2010)

“I am not really a dedicated follower of fashion or a clothes horse, so a few sessions with Laura were enlightening and invaluable.

A whole world of tips instantly proving what worked best for me and how to dress my shape and colouring were revealed and shared, and it didn't take long!

Laura's warm and personable manner instantly put me at ease and any doubts and preconceptions that I had about personal styling and stylists were banished. She catered for my budget and took time to enquire about my preferred tastes. I particularly liked that she didn't try to push me into any directions that I didn't feel comfortable with.

As a result, I now know that I'm long-waisted, that horizontal stripes are a "no" and what colours and shapes suit me. My shopping tastes haven't changed, but I'm more confident when buying new items and I don't spend ages agonising whether something looks right or not as I now know what works.”

Melissa Soobratty, 35 (May 2010)

“As a newly single guy I was looking for a fresh start and thought maybe it would help if I freshened up my look. The only problem was I didn't know where to start, Laura was the perfect answer to my problem. She was easy to get along with, full of original ideas and actually managed to make shopping fun. She helped me understand what suited me and clearly explained why this was. One of the biggest revelations was realising I needed to be bolder and wear more vivid colours which suit me far better than pale tones I used to wear. Laura's guidance has given me more confidence and resulted in loads of compliments from my friends and strangers! Another great advantage of her advice is I now know what I should be looking for which makes shopping for clothes much quicker and easier.”

Gavin Cassidy, 32, Product Design Manager (May 2010)

"I really enjoyed my style session and whilst some of it was things I already knew, it has completely broadened my wardrobe and I am able to wear clothes and accessories that I never knew I could. One of the best things I have ever done!!!"

Kate Vergette, 35, HR Manager (March 2010)

“Laura is great to work with. I’m buying smarter now when I shop. I found the session where we defined my different sub-wardrobes (theatre work, corporate work and social) very helpful and I’ve been able to think about what I wear with more ease and focus.

Things go better together and my whole wardrobe feels more versatile. Colour is important – people really respond to you well once you have that right. I thought I knew most of the dos and don’ts of dressing but the extra information on shape was really helpful. Putting it into practice gives a real confidence boost”.

Peta Lily, Theatre Practitioner & Communication Skills Coach (February 2010)

“I had always loved clothes and really enjoyed shopping with friends. I am not sure when my crisis of confidence began but probably around the time I was pregnant with my first child.

I had 2 children in 3 years and my weight had obviously fluctuated a lot, if I wasn’t in maternity clothes I was living in Primark until I lost the weight. About a year after my second child I lost all my pregnancy weight and was ready to start my social life again!

I was very envious of my friends’ sense of style and wanted to look more stylish/fashionable myself but every time I went shopping I came home with clothes I didn’t feel happy with and would take back, I just felt lost and didn’t know what I needed or what shapes and colours to buy. I basically kept getting it wrong and would come home from the shops feeling very depressed.

My husband had listened to my endless moaning about my figure and my helplessness with shopping and sought to do something about it! He discussed my situation with Laura and bought me a package including colour analysis, personal styling and personal shopping. It was without doubt the best present anyone has ever bought me!

I enjoyed my session so much, I admit I was a little nervous about spending nearly 3 hours with a virtual stranger but Laura was lovely, really easy to talk to and very professional, I felt immediately at ease.

I came home with some key purchases which I love and all my friends have commented on how stylish (and thin) I look!

I learnt so much from my session, how to make my legs appear longer, waist thinner and my bust bigger, I learnt how to find the best colour, cut and fabric of clothes to flatter my figure and colouring. I don’t have to try on every item in a shop; I now know what will suit me, saving me time and money.

Shopping is now a pleasurable pass time again, I am amazed at how much it has boosted my confidence. I would thoroughly recommend a style session with Laura it was worth every penny.”

Julia Czartoryski, 30, Teacher/New Mum (January 2010)

“Just wanted to say that I had the most amazing day yesterday - thanks to you!! To be honest I was a little apprehensive beforehand as I imagined us traipsing around quite a few shops and not finding a great deal (which is only because of my usual shopping experiences) but it was amazing and I'm so happy with everything that we chose.

For the first time in years I am now actually excited about looking in the shops because I know what I need!


Gill Crowe, 35 (July 2009)

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