Caboodle Style's refreshing approach

Youll find Im truly passionate about what I do and really empathise with the impact being discontent with your appearance can have on your personal happiness.


Id like to help you take control of your appearance and achieve the look you want. This is easy thanks to Caboodle Styles more hands-on style advice service which gives you the inside track on everything you need to look and feel great in no time at all. You won't be overloaded with boring theory, but lots of 'doing' so you find it easy to put your new knowledge into practice.


When I set up Caboodle Style I wanted it to be a fun experience which makes you feel good about yourself - after all, most of us just need a friendly little nudge in the right direction to get the look were after.


Some believe this sort of thing is for an elite few but I dont we all deserve to look our absolute best. A style session with me will set you back no more than a good haircut (and it will last a whole lot longer!), or think of it as the cost of that item you splashed out on but never wear. And as for your shopping budget, Im happy taking you to H&M as I am D&G its your choice.

Want to know more?

Check out my services and discover the key steps to a stylish new you. For more detailed information and reasons on why Caboodle Style is different, take a look at each session that's of interest.