The person behind Caboodle Style

Back in 2006, after a career in marketing, I decided to make a change and pursue my true passion style and fashion and set up Caboodle Style.

Looking back I realise that without thinking about it I was already advising friends on clothes and taking them shopping (at their request I hasten to add) long before I made it my day job. I suppose I had a natural eye for it and when combined with structured/professional style advisor training I really began to get into my stride.

From my personal experience in the past I can truly empathise with anyone who is not happy with their appearance it can have a massively detrimental impact on your life. For me, seeing people transformed by a makeover, both externally but crucially internally, is a big part of why I love doing what I do. I'm keen to change attitudes towards personal styling and shopping so that it isn't seen as something for an elite few after all we each deserve to look our absolute best.

With this in mind, my approach has always been for my services to be practical, friendly and affordable.

Please do check out my Style over Fashion blog for tips and style advice.

I hope this gives you a little background on me. Call anytime on 07799 713 814 and we'll chat about what you want to achieve, or simply drop me an email to

Introducing our excellent stylist, Nicola

As of early October 2015 I have been on maternity leave and once I have caught my breath I will gradually be back offering styling and shopping sessions. However, I know Caboodle Style is in great hands while I am off... since 2013 I've been working with Nicola who was the first stylist to join Caboodle Style simply because she shares the same personal styling philosophy as me and possesses an excellent aesthetic eye that's evident in her own effortless, down to earth style. Nicola brings a wealth of creativity to Caboodle Style - she's also a professional make-up artist, has a love of fashion and a particular interest in colour and the impact it has on a wardrobe . All this and a warm and friendly manner make her a perfect fit for Caboodle Style. She is based in Richmond and covers a similar area to me.

But I'll let Nicola speak for herself... "With past experience in Beauty Therapy and Make-up and having worked for many years in the medical and customer service industry, becoming a Personal Stylist/Shopper seemed to be a natural progression to helping clients feel good about themselves and their appearance. As a busy mother, I realised that it is very easy to fall into that 'style rut' (as many of us do) and I felt that in becoming a Personal Stylist/Shopper I can help others to realise their style potential and regain their inner and outer confidence."

Nicola has received many plaudits for her work with Caboodle Style - please do check out her testimonials.

London Personal Shopper  Laura Robinson

Laura's warm and personable manner instantly put me at ease and any doubts and preconceptions that I had about personal styling and stylists were banished. She catered for my budget and took time to enquire about my preferred tastes. I particularly liked that she didn't try to push me into any directions that I didn't feel comfortable with.
Melissa Soobratty, 35

About Caboodle Style

I was very impressed by Nicola's knowledge, she was professional while keeping the process fun. I was comfortable throughout the session and I really found it very helpful in knowing what styles of clothing are best suited to my body. I would definitely recommend Nicola and her services to others.
Erin, Richmond